Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Tribute To Dr. Myles Munroe & Dr. Richard Pinder

My introduction to the ministry of Dr. Myles Munroe happened over thirty years ago.

At that time I was a member of a traditional denominational church, which did not believe in speaking in tongues. I had recently given my life to the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of thirteen, and was a part of the youth department. We met on Friday evenings. On one particular Friday evening when I did not ride the church bus home, my sister came in and told me that they had stopped at a meeting being held at a hotel. She said that people were falling on the floor and speaking in tongues. Believe me when I say that this got my attention.

So when they decided to go to another of the meetings at the hotel, I went with them. Now the reason I went was because many of our youths looked up to me for an example so I wanted to make sure they were not getting into something that was not of God.

Well, we got there and as the service progressed, a gentleman was introduced who was one of the guest speakers from the United States of America. And I guess he spoke alright, but I cannot tell you one thing that he said, because I had come there to see the “falling down” side of the service. That’s what I was waiting on.

Sure enough, after he spoke, he invited people up who wanted to receive the mighty infilling with the Holy Spirit to come to the front. I went up along with my sister and  others. As I watched, he laid his hands on the first person, and they fell under the power of God. In my mind I thought, “Well look at that.”

When he reached my sister who was standing next to me, as he laid hands upon her, she went down. He then touched me (not pushed me, but touched me gently), down I went as well. When I opened my eyes, my sister was lying on the floor speaking with tongues.

This experience of falling under God’s power got my attention. Perhaps there was more to life in Christ that I knew. (Thank God there was). I went over to the book table and saw a little mini-book on falling under God’s power, and after seeing that the experience was very Biblical, I went on my knees and asked the Lord Jesus to fill me with the Holy Spirit. He did and this mighty experience changed my life.

At that time I did not realize that the man of God responsible for the meeting was Pastor Myles Munroe. He had recently returned from attending school at Oral Roberts University, and had started a work called, Bahamas Faith Ministries, along with his friend, and co-laborer, Pastor Richard Pinder. And during this meeting of which I speak, Dr. Munroe was actually playing a guitar and leading the praise and worship (something else we did not do at our church either). I did not know that after the meetings with the guest speakers was over, they were still having church on Sundays and Fridays.

However, one of the sisters who attended our local assembly knew. She invited me to attend the service with Pastor Myles on Friday nights. And I went.

This changed my life forever, for Pastor Myles taught the principle of the Word of God in a very understandable manner. This was not what I was used to. But my spirit was hungry for the Word and the more I stayed around Bahamas Faith Ministries, the more I actually learned what it meant to live for Christ.  This humble and strongly anointed man of God taught is truth and brought us into what it really meant to worship and praise God. Oh, he could lead a praise and worship service. We would worship for an hour. And God always ministered to us through tongues with interpretation and prophecy during those times. It was so powerful and precious to be able to lift my hands and tell the Lord how I loved Him and worship Him. WOW.

During this time, I once went to Pastor Myles and said to him, “Pastor Myles, I am having problems with my flesh.” He did not condemn me. He did not rebuke me. He did not say, “Well, you must not be saved.” Instead, he pointed to a series of teaching tapes.. (Yes, cassette tapes. That should show you how long ago this was).  He encouraged me to get them. Actually, he told me, “You need to get those tapes.” Being a teenager, I told him that I did not have the money for them. He said, “You will get them.” And sure enough, would you believe that someone brought that series for me. Praise the Lord.

This was when I learned a valuable truth from God’s Word that I had not learned from the church I attended. I am not blaming them by the way. When you don’t know, you simply don’t know. Through this series of teachings Pastor Munroe explained that I was more than just flesh and blood. I was spirit, soul and body. And when I gave my life to Jesus it was my spirit that got recreated and became a new creation in Christ Jesus. But nothing happened to my mind, or my flesh. I had to do something with my mind. I had to get it renewed with the Word of God. And I had to do something with my flesh. I had to offer it to God as a living sacrifice and bring it under control, and make it obey God. This precious truth has literally revolutionized my walk with God. All of a sudden everything became clear. And I have never let go of this truth of God’s Word. As a matter of fact, I have taught these precious truths which I have learned through Dr. Munroe for over thirty years now, helping people understand how to practically live for Christ in their every day experience. Knowing these truths ended my confusion.

Since then, I have fed repeatedly from God’s Word delivered through His servant, Dr. Myles Munroe and also through Dr. Richard Pinder and I owe a great debt of gratitude to both of them. And even to this day, as a pastor and minister of the Gospel, I hold their example as a model of how I should conduct myself as a servant of Christ.

I will miss Dr. Myles Munroe, and Dr. Richard Pinder. But I know that they are with the Lord, which is far better than being on this earth. And one day, I will join them. I look forward to that. Their impact for the Kingdom of God will never be diminished. The fire will never go out. God bless their families and the wonderful saints at Bahamas Faith Ministries and all who have been wonderfully impacted by the Word and power of God through these two humbles servants of God.


Excuse Me, but can I have about an hour of your time today?

I have tried repeatedly to get your attention, but to no avail. I know that you are a busy person. I am aware that you have a schedule to keep. I also noticed that I am not even mentioned in that schedule, but if you don’t mind, I would like to interrupt your plans for just a little while and speak with you of matters that are of great concern to both you and me.

If you would sit with me and have a cup of tea, I have some things to share with you that will be worth more than the reward you are hoping to attain this year as a part of your goals.

As a matter of truth, what I have to say to you is worth far more than silver, gold, or any sum of money. The worth of what I desire to give you is beyond any price that you can fathom.

I would like to give you valuable information and knowledge that can change your negative situations, circumstances, and even your very life as you know it. As a matter of fact, the good changes that I will produce in your life will be permanent.

Let me begin my conversation with you by asking you a most vital question. You will find, as we continue, that I will ask you several questions that I know are pertinent to your life and to my association with you. After all, I want this time with you to be meaningful, and it is for our mutual benefit. My questions are designed to make you think, contemplate, ponder, and muse. Otherwise, our time together will prove itself empty, unproductive, and fruitless.

My first question is: Why are you here?

You know that I created you, but for what purpose did I make you? Do you really know?

I know that you have some of your own ideas of what you would like to attain. I realize that because of your intelligence, you assume yourself to be a pretty smart person. You think you have your life all figured out, or at least try to act like it. You present a strong front because you have an image to protect. Even though you know on the inside that something is not right, you love giving the appearance as if everything is okay. You play strong, yet you know within that you are living a superficial existence.

Your friends all think that you are sure of yourself. They think that you are the person with all of the answers, the one who has it all together, so many of them come and confide in you often.

Yet, I know you, and I am aware of you in a way that no one else is. Your so-called friends can only see you as you appear to them, as you desire for them to see you, but I can see deeper than your friends. I see your heart.

You live a fictitious life. You act happy and secure. You attend church and even participate. Yet you are hurting inside, aren’t you? I know you. I would like to help you. I want to reveal you to you, for I know you better than anyone else. I know you better than you know you. I know everything there is to know about you. I know the truth about you, for I created you.

For instance, I know your thoughts and the intents of your heart. I know your innermost feelings and desires. I know your deceptions and your excuses that are rooted in deception, and you have become so good at making excuses for your actions and inactions that your lying does not even bother you anymore. You even lie to me, and I made you.

You keep making vows and promises to me that carry no weight. You go to the altar after you have heard my voice through my servants and handmaidens, calling you to myself and pleading with you to give me some of your time. You make promises, empty promises. You tell me that you will make time for me, even if you have to wake up earlier. Crying, you promise me. You make your vow.

Then, the night of the vow, that very night that you prayed and said what you said to me, you will stay up late giving television much more time than you have given me in a while, and the next morning wake up late and say to me, “Lord, you understand. I’m only human.” That will not be excused any longer. It never has been excused, for you are much more than flesh and blood. I made you; therefore, I know you.

Not only do you break your word to me, but you are also unfaithful to other people as well. I want you to realize that when you break your word to me, your spouse, your coworkers, your pastor, or any other person, you are not just hurting us. You are affecting the inner condition of your heart.

So have you gotten an answer for me yet? Why are you here? Why have I created you?

I know that it seems as if I am being hard on you, but you must realize that I know some things you don’t know. If you do not change the course of your life, you are going to regret it. You will cry and find no solace for a long time. I am trying to save you all that drama, but I cannot help you if you do not give me some of your valuable time.

Time. It is valuable because, once it is gone, you cannot get it back. It is priceless. Once time is gone, it is gone.

Life will pass whether you pass with it or not. Time never stands still. It keeps moving, and if you don’t move with it properly, it will always work against you. However, if you learn to work with it, it will work in your favor. Time will prove itself to be your best friend or your worst enemy.

However, you are not using your time properly, for you are neglecting the one you should give the first part of your time to. You are giving everything your time except your true purpose for being. I have a problem with that.

You may have heard of some of my other names, each of which describe the essence of my character. He expounded on each of my names in great detail, and you, along with others in the congregation, shouted and rejoice. Some of my names are Jehovah-Jireh, your provider. He spoke of me as your Jehovah-Nissi, your banner and victory. I Am your Jehovah-Shalom, your peace, and Jehovah-Rophe, your healer. I Am as Jehovah-Raah, your shepherd, and Jehovah-Tidskenu, your righteousness. I am truly your El Shaddai, the Almighty God, and your strength.

But there is another of my names that you might not have heard.

It is a name that is rarely taught, because most do not know it. All of the benefits revealed in my other names will be of little or no avail in your life unless and until you gain an understanding and experiential appreciation for this name.



Adapted from “MY NAME IS JEALOUS” Available here: (If the link does not work, please copy and paste in your web browser)