Sunday, September 7, 2014

Humility Is The Key To The Power Of God

For years, many people have wondered how to obtain power with God. Reading books about those whom the Lord used mightily, we have stood in awe at the anointing of God that flowed though them bringing deliverance, healing and blessing to so many people.

And of course, we have been inspired to seek God, desiring to be used in the same manner. However, most people who ask God for His power do not experience great depths of the anointing, and some give up because of frustration and despair. They wonder why it seems as if God would not answer their request. However, believe me when I say that the problem (if we want to call it that) is not with God. Many of us are missing the mark because while we desire to be used of the Lord, we must be willing to examine our motives as to why.

I firmly believe that God wants to flow in and through our lives much more than we desire for Him to use us. But in His grace and love for us, He withholds certain things until we develop the proper attitude of heart and mind in regard to His power. I remember one time when I was seeking God for a deeper level and dimension of the anointing of God in my life. I was asking Him to let more of the marvelous manifestations of the Spirit flow through me. While I was praying in this manner, It seemed as if I could sense the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart. I asked Him to let His gifts flow more in and through my life and He seemed to ask me, “WHY?” And while He was asking me why I wanted more of the move of the Spirit in my life and ministry, He seemed to shine a light on my motives and intents. Let me say that I did not like what I saw. As a matter of fact, I did not even answer. But He knew why.

And I believe that this is the reason why many people do not experience the greatness of the power of God that He longs to flow through us to meet the needs of others. The greatest hinderance to the Lord using us in the strength that He desires to is pride.

Pride is something God abhors and utterly detests. He walks with the humble and despises the proud. What is pride? It is allowing yourself to think more highly of yourself than you ought to think. Pride caused the enemy to fall. When satan began to think that he was all that and that he deserved to sit on God’s Throne, it caused his downfall.

Likewise, when we allow ourselves to think that God has anointed us because we are better than others, or that because God has anointed us we are above others and can treat people in any manner we choose, we are headed to a fall. The truth of the matter is that we need God and we need one another. And we need to realize that when God uses us to be a blessing to others, it is not to cause us to think of ourselves as better than others, but to meet the needs of others in Jesus Name and for His honor and for His glory.

The Bible teaches that God gives more grace to the humble. (James 4:6) When it comes to this powerful key to the power and anointing of God, many of us must admit, we have not even done a study on Bible humility to find out what it is and how to live humbly before the Lord. We prefer to study how God used others and attempt to take on their form. We try to imitate them, but we do not get the kind of results they got because while we may have their actions, we lack their heart, the humble heart.

Yet, when a person humbles himself or herself before the Lord, WATCH OUT, God is about to flow through that person in marvelous ways to minister to the needs of others. Humility is not a side issue with God. It is the issue. Scripture admonishes us to be clothed with humility. (1Peter 5: 6-7)

Seeing that this is the case, we had better take a closer look at this vital and timely Bible principle. What is humility? Well, permit me to say that it is not the degrading of self, but the acknowledgement of the greatness of God and our deep need for Him. It is living in the awareness that we can never be all we are to be, accomplish all we are to do, or obtain all we are to have without God. We need Him.

May we in an honest and true heart learn the power of humility and seek God for His anointing not so that we can be seen, but so that the needs of others can be met and Jesus Christ the Son of God can receive all of the glory and credit for all He does through us. This is the path to a powerful anointing from God. May we seek Him diligently.